Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Plush for 2010

{Duck and Raccoon, 2010}
{Blue Whale, 2010}
{Buffalo, 2010}
These are a few of my favorite products from the 2010 line of Toy Network plush. I did the drawing and design for these almost a year ago, but its always exciting to see what the pattern makers in China come up with. These ones look very close to my designs and I am happy with the results!


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Oh how cute! That's awesome Candance! Now you can hug and hold your design. How cool is that!? :o)

Claudia said...

These are darling. And how cool to be able to show a book publisher that your creations work in ANY art medium!

Lisa M Griffin said...

CUTE! I love the raccoons and the whales are really awesome as well. What a fun way to see your artwork produced.

SonatasWelt said...

I love them all!!! They are so cute!!
You've made great job :)

sketched out said...

Wow, Candace! How exciting. I've always wanted to design a plush toy. Started one a year ago and never finished it. It's great to see what you've done. These are adorable!!!!

I like what Alicia said, "Now you can hug and hold your design." Hee hee!