Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stuffed Bunny

{Amelia with Stuffed Bunny, 2009}
{Stuffed Bunny Front, 2009}
{Stuffed Bunny, 2009}
{Stuffed Bunny from Side, 2009}
I made this as a Christmas gift for my cousin's baby. (The same cousin that I made the barrettes for in the previous post... she has 2 girls!). I made a template for a leaping rabbit out of paper and cut out the front and back. I embroidered a few details on the face and sewed the stuffed critter together. I finished it by embellishing it with a ribbon and button. I want to try to make a cute stuffed squirrel next!


ErinFromIowa said...

You do lovely work. Just lovely.

mauricio salmon said...

that is so cute candace, I love it.

Susan Beth Studio said...