Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Iowa State Fair Fine Arts Show

{Posing With My Painting, 2009}
I am pleased to announce that I have two pieces showing in the Iowa State Fair 2009 Juried Fine Art Exhibition. I am even more excited to say that one of my pieces, "Rhinestone Treasures" won 3rd prize for Best Overall. 
{Ribbon With Painting, 2009}
Here is a list of the other winners:

Best in show: Kathleen Rivera, oil painting
1st prize Best Overall: Nancy Thompson, pastel
2nd Best Overall: Jessie Larson, jewelry
3rd Best Overall: Candace Camling, oil painting
Merit Awards: Ben Harle, pottery
   Richard Hasen, watercolor
   Jane Baty, mixed media
   Nancy Briggs, pottery
   Victor McCullough, acrylic/tempera
   Eric Neuman, drawing
Oil Media Award: Leslie Leavenworth
Acrylic/Tempera Media Award: Jill Anderson
Watercolor Media Award: Scott Stouffer
Drawing Media Award: Joylynn Andersen
Pastel Media Award: Susan Hansen
Mixed Media Award: Nichole Tolson
Prints Media Award: Ann Klingensmith
Pottery Media Award: Dennis Ferns
Sculpture Media Award: Judy Veeder
Jewelry Media Award: Abigail West
Art Glass Media Award: Rosemary Fee
Fibers Media Award: Helen Degner
Adult Honorable Mention Awards: Dennis Schmoker, Sculpture
John Brommel, Sculpture
Ann Klingensmith, Print
Chris Vanderhaar, Pastel
Sean Herman, Pastel
{Video from 2008 Fine Arts Festival}
This is a video from the Iowa State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition. You can see the camera scan by THIS piece at 0:10. I discovered this video today while searching for information. It was produced by Iowa Public Television and does a nice job of explaining the mission of the Iowa State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition.


Diana Evans said...

oh wow Congrats!!! that is an amazing piece...wonderful work Candace!!! you should sell prints too....


Sara Butcher said...

OMG! OMG! OMG! It was a third place winner?!?!!? YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go girl!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

congratulations candace!
how exciting!
what a beautiful piece and photo of you!


Claudia said...

Congrats Candace! It's a great piece and beautifully presented!

Brian Cook said...

That's one big bow! Congrats turd face!