Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First Lomography Photos

{Diana F+ Camera, 2009}
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L: My garden gate. R: Virgin Mary statue at a local greenhouse.
{Diana F+ Camera, 2009}
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L: Intentional double exposure with our old windows and Oliver in the lawn. R: Baseball in a mud puddle at the park across the street.
{Diana F+ Camera, 2009}
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L: Antique Ford Truck. R: American Flag.
{Diana F+ Camera, 2009}
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L: Sailboats on the beach. R: Lily pads in the marina.

These are photos from the first two rolls of film I shot using my Diana F+ Lomography camera. (Click on the word "Lomography" to learn more about it!) The first roll of film, which was black and white, was shot around my yard in Des Moines, Iowa. The second roll, which had color film was shot while I was in East Tawas, Michigan during the 4th of July holiday. I really like the double exposure picture that I did of Oliver. It happened because I was on my last picture of the roll and the light was so wonderful that I figured it couldn't hurt to try! Now I want to try some more double exposure pictures (maybe with the color film too!) I'll keep posting my efforts with my lomo camera as I learn more about it and get better at using it as a tool!


BritZh said...

oh la love! i want one. recommendations as to purchase places?

Candace Trew Camling said...

Hey! Yeah! I got mine on which was the cheapest I found, but you can get one from too, I think.

It takes really pretty pictures!

Stephen Heneveld said...

Candace, these are awesome. The only problem is that you completely pulled me out of what I was doing for 20-30 mins so I could look at the pictures and find out more about it.

You need to post more of these when you get a chance.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi candace!
oh how wonderful! you are a very talented photographer!
i can tell you are having fun!

Sara Butcher said...

Oh wow!!!! These are gorgeous! You're bring it to the wedding right?! ;) I really love the one with the lilypads. How inspiring. :) How much was it again!? hehe

Diana Evans said...

oh wow Candace!!! these are have a great eye!!!


iris said...

Hej - thank you for your lovely comment! You made me curious about your work (which I think is great, compliments! Wonderful lines!) and I totally crushed on the lomo pics - I thought about getting a Diana for a while, and now it's sure: I will. The colours are just amazing, and the double exposure picture has some kind of magic about it... anyways, thank you and all the best wishes!

Lisa M Griffin said...

So cool Candace! These are fantastic. Thanks for sharing

Edrian Thomidis said...

Great pictures! Makes me want to get one of those camera! You are so multi-talented! You should post those and sell those!
Loved your hollow illo too!