Friday, May 15, 2009

Just Sketch!

{Ink in Sketchbook, 2009}
This... is my living room. Please, please everyone... contain your excitement!{Ink in Sketchbook, 2009}
Some crap on my desk. I'm most excited about my new Diana F+ camera, which is a lomography camera. I'm currently shooting my first roll of film. If anything turns out, I will post some of the results. Go HERE to learn more about lomo photography.


Carmen Keys said...

Oh I love those kinds of candid sketches! You have such confidence with a pen. :)

Diana Evans said...

these are fab-UUUUUUUUU-lous Candace!!! I love these pieces and can say that they would be so cool framed in large matted frames ....

wonderful and very exciting!!!


mauricio salmon said...

nice sketches candace, your crib is looking tight... hehe.

Chickengirl said...

Super refreshing to see these sketches- they are lovely :-)