Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Grandparent's Farm

While searching for a scrap of watercolor paper in my studio this morning (to do my illustration Friday piece), I found these delightful little watercolor sketches that I did in August of 2006 at my Grandparents' farm in Mio, MI. Their farm is lovely that time of year because despite my Grandmother's diabetes and heart problems, she insists on having blooming flowers everywhere and bird feeders, birdbaths and everything of the sort. My grandfather insists on cultivating most of his own fresh food which means raspberries, cucumbers, wax beans, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, grapes and pumpkins...among many other things. I just happened to have my little watercolor box with me this particular trip.
Now that I live in Iowa I'm sad to say there won't be as many trips to their place.



you're fortunate to have your grandparents still...and what fabulous people they sound like...

Nemo said...

first time I visit your blog, I think...Good works and characters here, really cute!
Thanks for commenting on my blog.