Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wedding Madness!!

I have some weddings to go to in December so the sketches are some of the concepts for the small paintings I'll be making as part of each of the gifts. While I was at it, I thought I would share the details of my own wedding. The picture of me on the beach is by the wedding photographers at Pure Studio in Grand Rapids, MI. They were so amazing. You can check out their multi-occasion photography at
I made most everything by hand for my wedding...(my cousin took alot of the pictures during the rehearsal and wedding of the details.) This cake was designed by me, I gave the baker a detailed illustration of what I wanted it to look like. It HAD to have was lovely, and really didn't taste as bad as everyone said fondant would taste. I found the cake toppers in Petoskey while shopping with my mom. I can't think of the artist right now, but I've become quite a collector!
The fireplace has some of the pictures of weddings in past generations within Ken and I's family history...I wanted to add a vintage and traditional feel to the setting. I also stamped phrases, cut out each letter and individually sewed each one to silver ric rac.
This was a hit! I recommend it to everyone getting married, I had so many funny pieces of advice from my friends and younger family, and a lot of very sweet and sentimental advice from older people.
This was the major display of photos that took me FOREVER to compile, I had to basically harass family to hand over the photos so I could copy and frame them.
The letter press on my invitations. They looked so beautiful, the printers at Swift Printing in Grand Rapids, MI did such a good job!
I did the illustration of squirrels at the bottom of the invitation. Our wedding was Oct. 13, 2007 and it's me and Ken love squirrels. We used a really heavy orange cardstock and brass brads to assemble each one by hand. We had really cool envelopes that were brown and had a squirrel above the return address in white on the back. I used a white prisma pencil to address each one too.
I made a paper pinwheel by hand for every guest. I think I made around 200 total. I used heavy papers, wire, beads and sticks. It was fun to see people and kids blowing them all night. I made kids bags too, but I don't think there are any pictures of them.

I handmade each wrapping for each gift for the attendants in the wedding party. I liked the way they all looked together.

Overall, it was a beautiful wedding. If I can round it up, I'll share more later.


Brian Cook Illustration said...

Man, I wish I would had time to leave you some advice on those cards... I guess I was just too busy eating... and stuff...

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mauricio salmon said...

wow! you really went all out, everything looks really great.